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Pamela Byse was born on 22 December 1973, in Los Angeles, California USA, and is primarily recognized for being the wife of actor Morris Chestnut, who is best known for his role in the film “Boyz N The Hood” and the television series “Rosewood”, in which he played the pathologist Dr. Beaumont Rosewood Jr. She has mostly stayed out of the spotlight, with the exception of appearing with her husband in media-covered events. Meanwhile her husband has been appearing on television and films since the 1990s.

The Wealth of an Actor’s Wife

How rich is Pam Byse? As of early-2018, Pam is not known for having a sizable independent income, but shares in her husband’s success, so jointly their net worth is assessed by sources at close to $10 million.

Meeting Morris and Family Life

Pam was a star student during her high school days, but after matriculating didn’t go to college. She met Morris in a club in Atlanta, years before he found fame as an actor. They dated for a few years, and eventually married in 1995. Their marriage has been strong through the decades, and according to Morris is due to their mutual respect. He lets his wife be the woman and she lets him be the man in the family. In another interview, he stated that he saw a lot of qualities that he was looking for in a wife. He saw how she would be a great mother and how she also kept that respectful attitude towards all members of his family.

Two years after their marriage they had their first child, and in 1998 they had their second child. Like their mother, their two children are also generally kept out of the spotlight as well as social media. It is known that every Valentine’s day, Pam’s husband buys a bouquet of flowers for the three women in his life, his mother, wife, and daughter. The family reside together in Georgia, USA.

Despite being in the hectic and sometimes heated entertainment industry, the couple have stayed strong together. A lot of other relationships break up due to busy schedules or other romantic affairs but Morris has stated that he constantly reassures his wife that there is nobody else. He also mentions that he has his troubles, and it’s important that his wife understands that even he doesn’t have it all figured out. He later says that there are numerous dimensions and dynamics in women and so in relationships. It can still all be beautifully complex, but it’s most important for partners to be patient with each other.

Due to this great dynamic the couple have, there have been no reported problems of the two with their marriage or their family.

Sporadic Appearances

Byse keeps contact with the public very minimal, except for often being seen with her husband at film premieres or award events. She often appears in designer clothing as is the custom with many film stars spouses who also attend such events. She’s been seen, filmed and photographed at various events such as the NAACP Awards, the San Diego Comic Con, for TV Guide Magazine and many other publications. She was there when Morris won an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series, and the appearances have been consistent, and they have been seen together at various red carpet events since early in their marriage in the 1990s.

Even online, Pam has a very limited presence, and has opted not to have any social media accounts, and has maintained the same privacy for their children. Her husband, however, being an actor, continues to promote his work and connect to his fans on social media websites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Yet, even on his social media pages, his wife is rarely talked about or seen. The main pictures of the couple being seen together are almost always taken by the media or paparazzi.

Even while appearing in front of the media, Pam does not agree to any interviews, but is instead just seen smiling in front of the cameras. In recent months though, the couple has made a few appearances as the television show “Rosewood” was just cancelled. While Pam has maintained her silence and moved away further from the spotlight, her husband continues to be highly popular, supported by fans as he connects with them online. He’s also discussing a lot of potential projects which look to come to fruition sometime in 2018.

Measurements, Height, and the Like

According to various sources, Byse has measurements of 34-26-35 and stands at a height of five feet five inches.

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