• Neiva Mara is a Spanish fitness model and Instagram star born in Valencia in 1986
• She was overweight throughout elementary and high school and was bullied for her appearance
• She is a successful model and entrepreneur, having launched her personal workout channel Deporlovers and her YouTube channel
• She is the sexiest teacher in the world according to some
• She has 2.3 million followers on Instagram and 17,000 on Twitter, as well as 100,000 fans on Facebook and her own website


Who is Neiva Mara?

Neiva Mara was born in Valencia, Spain, on 2 May 1986, so under the zodiac sign of Taurus and holding Spanish nationality – she is popular for being a fitness model as well as an Instagram star.

Early life and education

Neiva hasn’t said much about her early life and teen years, as she prefers to keep these things to herself. She never speaks about her parents and siblings either, which makes her one of the more secretive models out there – because she never mentions having any brothers or sisters, she is thought to be an only child.

Neiva wasn’t always as good looking as she is today – she was overweight throughout elementary school and high school, and was bullied by her peers because of her not so attractive looks. She managed to get through high school even though it was not that easy, but then decided to focus on training and exercising, and it got her to where she is today – she didn’t go to college as she chose a different path for herself.

Modelling career

One can say that Neiva’s modelling career began the moment she took her life in her own hands and decided to change her appearance – she decided to start visiting the gym, and soon proudly began uploading her transformation pictures on her Instagram account. It took her two years for the whole transformation to be done, but began working as a model even before it was complete.

While her transformation was still in progress, Neiva was noticed by an Instagram agent and was invited for her first photoshoot, which gained her a bit of recognition, and was invited for more photoshoots by scouts of several brands and companies, such that Neiva was soon one of the most desirable models in the industry. Today, she serves as a model image of Fashion Nova, which is considered to be amongst the most popular fashion brands in the whole world.

Neiva Mara

Besides her solo modelling career, Neiva has also worked with many other popular Instagram models, including Paola Skye.

Neiva currently holds the title of the sexiest teacher in the entire world.

Career of an entrepreneur

Neiva is also a successful entrepreneur – three years ago, she launched her personal workout channel called Deporlovers, which now counts over six million users around the globe. The website offers diet plans as well as exercise plans for each muscle you would like to train, whether it’s buttocks, legs, arms, shoulders, or any others.

Neiva as an online teacher

Neiva launched her YouTube channel on 8 May 2018, and has so far gathered more than 14,000 subscribers and nearly 260,000 views on all her videos combined – the description on her channel reads ‘I am Neiva Mara! Your Teacher – Modelo Fitness’. Her short videos are supposed to show you her body, and some exercises for a specific part of body – one of the most viewed videos on her channel is entitled “Bachata Neiva Mara”.

Her personal diet

Neiva Mara has shared her diet plan with her fans, and gave them advice – if you want to exercise, it’s no use if you don’t have a good diet plan to go along it. Instead of having three big meals a day, it is better to eat multiple times throughout the day, but in smaller portions – one should also care about what kind of food they eat. Eggs are very important for a healthy diet as these are pure protein, and grilled chicken breast and fish. Besides this, some of the foods which are also healthy for you include avocados, nuts, seeds, and olive oils.


Personal life and education

It is rumored that Neiva is currently dating someone whom she met at the gym ,and that the two were seen walking together in the streets, but none of this has been confirmed by the model.

Likes and other interests

Neiva loves to work out, and still regularly she goes to the gym and exercises.

Appearance and net worth

  • Neiva is 33 years old
  • Long brown hair
  • Brown eyes
  • 5ft 4in (1.62m) tall
  • Weighs ~120lb (54kg)
  • Vital statistics of 34-24-34
  • Wears shoes size six
  • Net worth ~$500,000


Social media presence

Instagram account is also considered to be an important part of her modelling career, and is currently followed by more than 2.3 million people while she’s uploaded nearly 700 photos onto it. She has just launched her Twitter account in February 2019, and has already managed to amass over 17,000 followers and has tweeted more than 30 times – she is running a Facebook page as well which is followed by ~100,000 fans.

Neiva also has her own website, on which you can check out her fitness plan, find her on social media platforms, discover her entrepreneurial activities, and see some of her best pictures and videos so far.

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