• Pupinia Stewart was born in the USA in 1998 and is popular for her YouTube channel.
• She decided not to enroll at college after high school and instead focus on her online career.
• She is said to be in a relationship with a collaborator on the “Our Third Life” YouTube channel.
• Her main hobby is eating and she loves watching animated movies and TV series.
• She is estimated to have a net worth of ~$100,000 and has a Patreon account with 8 patrons.


Who is Pupinia Stewart? Wiki Bio

Pupinia Stewart was born in the USA on 16 October 1998, so under the zodiac sign of Libra and holding American nationality – she is popular for her YouTube channel onto which she mostly uploads videos related to her everyday life, but she is also part of the “Our Third Life” YouTube channel.

Childhood and education

Pupinia is very secretive about her childhood years as she prefers to not share her personal matters with the public – she hasn’t even talked about the city in which she lives. She is said to have been somewhat antisocial during the years she spent at high school, but only because people around her did not understand her ‘weird’ sense of humor – she had only two close friends who she spent her free time with.

She hasn’t talked about her parents either, and therefore nothing is known about them. She hasn’t mentioned having any siblings, but this cannot be confirmed as Pupinia hasn’t commented on it herself.

Even though she had different plans for herself while she was still growing up, she decided not to enroll at college after matriculating from a local high school, but rather focused on her online career.

Career of a YouTuber

Pupinia’s career was launched on 10 October 2012 when she opened her YouTube channel, uploading her first video in November. There are currently nearly 120,000 people subscribed to the channel, which also counts more than 7.2 million views of all her videos combined – she was uploading Roblox content at the launch of her channel, and her nickname back then was ‘Robloxobbystar’.

Although she was mostly focused on making Roblox videos, she started uploading absurd satirical videos in the summer of 2014 – because she represents herself as an uneducated and mentally ill person, many people share her content just to mock her, however, other people believe she is truly intelligent, and see her videos as very funny. She often uploads musical content, but all of these videos are of low quality – Pupinia deliberately makes them that way. She is also part of the “Our Third Life” YouTube channel, together with Schmitty and Steven – she uploads mostly the same kind of content as she does onto her own channel.

Although she is mostly focused on uploading comedy videos, she still does “Let’s play” videos, which are mostly focused on Roblox as it is her favorite game, however, she can also be seen playing “Minecraft”, “Wizard101”, “Webkinz”, and “Five Nights at Freddy’s.

Love life and relationships

She hasn’t mentioned any of her past boyfriends, neither has she commented on whether or not she is currently seeing anyone.

Pupinia Stewart

Although she doesn’t talk about it, she is said to be in a relationship with Steven, who works with her on the “Our Third Life” YouTube channel – he is also mentioned in her caption of her Instagram account. The two have allegedly been dating for over a year now, but this hasn’t been confirmed by either of them– her fans have been frequently asking her about whether or not they are dating, but she seems to be refusing to answer their questions.

Hobbies and other interests

Pupinia’s main hobby is eating – this can easily be noticed on her Instagram account. She loves watching animated movies and TV series, while “The Simpsons” are her favorite – she can also watch action movies but doesn’t like them as much as animated ones. She has a thing for the current President of the United States, Donald Trump as she loves to mock and make jokes about him – he is often the topic of the videos uploaded onto her and her friends’ “Our Third Life” YouTube channel.

Pupinia is the outdoors kind of girl as she prefers to spend her free time in nature, including parks and beaches rather than to be stuck at home – a large number of her Instagram pictures are from these locations. She is also a bit of a traveler, as pictures from various locations can be seen on her social media accounts.

Appearance and net worth

Pupinia is currently 20 years old; has long brown hair; brown eyes.

Net worth is ~$100,000. She also has an account on Patreon which counts eight patrons who pay $29 for each video she uploads onto her account – Pupinia currently offers a few different subscription options:

  • “Not Enough” option costs $5 or more per creation;
  • “Maybe I’ll give you a shout out” option costs $20 or more;
  • And “I’ll smile and wink at you in stream” costs $25 or more.

Although Pupinia still isn’t making the amount of money she would want to make, she seems to be steadily getting there.

Her real name

There are some people who believe that Pupinia Stewart is her real name, while majority of her fans are convinced that her real name is not Pupinia – although some of her fans have asked her about this, Pupinia hasn’t bothered to respond and therefore her real name and her hometown are not known.

Social media presence

  • She launched  Twitter in August 2014 with a caption which reads ‘tell me Im pritty’; followed by ~12,000; tweeted ~7,000 times
  • Her Instagram account is followed by ~42,000 people; uploaded nearly 350 pictures
  • Facebook followed by over 12,000 people

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