• Quenlin Blackwell is a famous YouTuber
• She is an ambitious 18 year old who is planning to move to a big city after graduating high school
• Her videos are a mix of beauty and humor, and she offers advice on her social media accounts based on her own experiences
• She likes stews and clothing hangers, and dislikes school
• Quenlin has a net worth of over $500,000, and is active on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube

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Who is Quenlin Blackwell?

Quenlin was born in Allen, Texas USA on 17 January 2001, so under the zodiac sign of Capricorn and holding American nationality. She is a famous YouTuber who became popular through uploading comedy videos on her channel.

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Early life and education

Quenlin is currently living in her hometown with her parents, and is a very ambitious person who has big plans for her future. She is planning to leave the town and move to a big city after she matriculates from high school, but it is unknown whether she wants to study at a college or if she is going to pursue a career on the Internet.


Even though there are people who still don’t think that you can make yourself a career out of your YouTube account, people like Quenlin are here to prove them wrong. She launched her YouTube account at the age of 13 in 2014, but before that she was uploading her videos on Vine under the name “quensadilla”. She was quite popular on Vine and was said to have over half a million followers, but unfortunately Vine shut down, and that’s when she switched to YouTube.

As soon as she created her account, she began uploading her beauty videos mixed with humor, which is why her followers loved to visit her channel. They described it as a place where you cannot possibly be bored, and the best example of what her videos look like is “BDAY MAKEUP//GET READY WITH TALK THROUGH”.

She doesn’t only entertain her fans but also answers their questions, whether they’re about make-up or their personal issues – while she has a couple of serious videos, the big majority of them are funny such as “Reacting To My Old Cringey Facebook Posts” or “My Biggest Pet Peeves”. She doesn’t curse in her videos or do anything negative, because she wants all of her fans to enjoy what she creates.

Quenlin has big plans for her future, and doesn’t want to be a YouTuber for the rest of her life, but would rather like to have her own clothing brand and make her own music.

Personal life

Quenlin is not that young to be dating, but she appears to be single and it is not known whether or not she had already been dating someone. She is trying to keep her personal life to herself, and other than the problems with her depression, she doesn’t share anything with the public. Even though she is only 18, she has had some problems struggling with depression – she has a video on her channel in which she talks about her struggles and how she handled it. Some studies claim that depression is almost a common thing in teens nowadays, and Quenlin gives out advice on her social media accounts which are based on her own experience.

When asked about the five people who always manage to make her happy, she said that these are herself firstly, then her entire family because they are funny – she claims to have inherited her humor from them, her close friends Emi, Matt Corby and his music, and Samantha who has been featured in many of her videos. She claims to be very different from her Internet persona, as she is very soft in real life and doesn’t have as much energy as she appears to have on the Internet.

Her advice to people who are struggling to find happiness

Advice means a lot when it is coming from someone who is struggling with the same thing as you. Quenlin claims how the thing which helped her the most was trusting in yourself, loving yourself and not caring about what other people say, as their opinions can only be your obstacles. ‘The world loves you and you have to love yourself… Stay strong, stay humble, and live life to the fullest because it isn’t forever.’

Quenlin Blackwell

Quenlin joining the discussion

Quenlin received a lot of attention and became even more popular after a man on Twitter commented ‘So I guess see-through shirts with ya nipples showing is the wave for you females this summer huh?’ on a picture in which the model Bernice Burgos and the singer Paloma Ford wore see-through outfits with their nipples visible. Quenlin was 16 at the time and had to join the conversation by commenting ‘Yuh and I guess wearing no shirt with ya nipples out been the wave for you males for… forever. We just joining the wave y’all been on’. BuzzFeed decided to talk to Quenlin over the matter, and she claimed how she felt an urge to respond because of the double standard which today’s society has – she was almost insulted by the fact that men can go around without their shirts on but if women did it, it would have been considered offensive. Her tweet attracted almost 50,000 likes on the day she commented.

Things she likes or dislikes

Out of all the food in the world, Quenlin likes stews the most, and even though it might sound strange, she likes clothing hangers. It appears as the thing she dislikes the most is school. While her account on Vine was still active, she loved doing dangerous things such as running into a wall with her hoverboard, or falling on guitars, but never ended up breaking a bone or anything serious, only having bruises.

A bit of modelling

Thanks to Quenlin’s video in which she made fun of Met Gala held in 2017, she was invited to pose for “Teen Vogue” magazine.

Appearance and net worth

Quenlin is currently 18 years old, has long black hair which she loves to play with in her videos and has recently painted it purple, brown eyes, is 5ft 7in (1.7m) tall and weighs around 105lb (48kg). Her vital statistics are 34-24-36, she wears shoes size eight and has an hourglass shaped figure.

According to authoritative sources, Quenlin’s current net worth is estimated to be over $500,000, and she is said to be making around $7,000 per month.

Social media presence

Quenlin is a social media person and her image on the Internet is everything to her – she has accounts on several social media platforms including Twitter which she began using in July 2013 and has so far gathered over one million followers and tweeted nearly 17,000 times. Her Instagram account is followed by over 860,000 people while she’s posted around 610 pictures – she has a Facebook account as well which she seems to be using mostly for staying in touch with her family and friends.

Quenlin’s YouTube account is what made her famous in the first place – she launched it on 8 August 2014 and has over half a million subscribers and has attracted nearly 11 million views of all her videos combined. It’s strange how she managed to gather so many subscribers and views since she has only uploaded 13 videos on her channel, but people already knew her from her Vine website – her video “My Top 100 Vines” is her most popular as it has been viewed over 3.2 million times, while second place goes to the “DRIVE WITH ME: GAS STATION HOT PICKLE MUKBANG … im hilarious” video which has been viewed by around 2.5 million people.



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