• Mandi Gosling is the 41-year-old older sister of actor Ryan Gosling
• She has a net worth of over $1 million from her career as a producer
• Her ancestry includes English, French-Canadian and Scottish
• She is a talented singer and has worked on music videos including Pharrell Williams’ “Happy”
• She lives in Los Angeles and is single, with her brother saying she was his "best friend and hero" during their childhood


Who is Ryan Gosling’s sister, Mandi Gosling? Bio, Age and Wiki

Mandi Gosling was born on 1 January 1977, in London, Ontario Canada, under the zodiac sign of Capricorn, and which makes her 41 years old. She is best known as the older sister of the actor Ryan Gosling, with whom she has appeared at several Red Carpet Events, including the Oscars in 2017. Prior to that, they were spotted together at Gotham Awards in 2006, Ryan’s first Oscar nomination in 2007, and the Screen Actors Guild Awards in the following year. Besides that, Gosling is known for producing “Dateline NBC” and “Miss Advised”.

Net Worth

So just how rich is Mandi Gosling as of early 2018? According to authoritative sources, this producer has net worth of over $1 million, with her wealth being accumulated from her career in the previously mentioned field. However, we don’t have any further information regarding her salary or assets such as house and cars.

Mandi Gosling Ethnicity and Background

Gosling is white, and was born into a family of English, French-Canadian and Scottish ancestry. Her mother Donna worked as a qualified High School teacher, and father Thomas Ray Gosling as a traveling salesman. Reportedly, this 41 year-old had a major influence on her brother during their childhood, apparently helping to raise him although he is only three years younger. Mandi has blond long hair and brown eyes, just as her brother Ryan.

Producer of “Miss Advanced” and other TV related work

In 2012, Mandi had her debut production gigs, being the assistant producer for an episode of “Dateline” NBC, and followed by working as an associate producer on an episode of “Miss Advised”, a reality television series which follows the lives of three single relationship experts, a blogger, columnist and the radio personality. In 2015, Mandi played an important role in the making of Pharrell Williams’ music video for the song “Happy”, and in one interview she spoke about her collaboration with the mentioned artist, adding that nowadays many talented directors see videos as an opportunity to explore their ideas, which they might not be able to put into a full-length film. Being recognized, the music video was rewarded with a Grammy award.

Singing Career

In addition to being a producer, Gosling is a talented singer, and her vocal abilities can be heard in several videos, possibly uploaded by her on YouTube. Reportedly, the videos were made in 2007, and were filmed at the Theater Barn, located in New York. Apparently, her brother is not the only Gosling who can sing well!


Playing an important role for the video of “Happy”, speaking later about her experience with Pharrell Williams and his team, Mandi stated that it was “amazing”, adding that they are also down to earth and creative. Working on the video for “Happy”, Mandi had to book 360 stars and civilians, which made her project more complicated, but eventually her hard work paid off, and the song was one of the most popular that year and played an important role in Gosling’s rise to fame. She noticed that musicians and directors, even though in different branches of art, can create “something fresh and new”. The idea of Pharrell’s video was to make an interactive 24-hour video, and despite some worries that the team had and the fact that they didn’t have a traditional casting process, they eventually pulled it off. Ultimately, the video featured people of all ages from all around the world, who recorded themselves dancing. Eventually, Mandi had to go through over 5,000 videos in order to find the perfect cast for “Happy”, and she reportedly even convinced her mother to give it a try.

Other Collaborations

Working on the previously mentioned song allowed Mandi to cross ways with many people from the entertainment field, such as Jimmy Kimmel, Odd Future, Jamie Foxx, Miranda Cosgrove and Kelly Osbourne. The four minute version of the video was released on YouTube, where it has attracted more than half a billion views.

Where is Mandi Now? Latest Career Info and Oscars

In 2017, Gosling appeared in an episode of “Extra”, a television series which updates the audience on the latest television, music and movies events. However, Mandy is still best known as Ryan’s sister, and she has accompanied him to the numerous prestigious Hollywood events, which gained her a lot of recognition and made her the center of attention, as numerous people on social media networks have spoken about her, following her red carpet appearances. In 2017, Mandi appeared at the Oscars, accompanying her brother, and her beautiful outfit for the event again put her in the spotlight.

Private Life

Mandi currently resides in Los Angeles, where she works in the positions we have previously mentioned. She doesn’t share much information regarding her private life, including not using social media; there aren’t even any rumours of romantic relationships, and she remains single. Her parents are divorced, and her mother raised her and her brother on her own – in one interview, Ryan stated that throughout this period, his sister was his “best friend and hero”.


1[on producing the Grammy Award- winning "Happy"] I have been fascinated by just how music videos come together. Today there are so many really talented directors who use music videos as an opportunity to explore a creative idea that they might not be able to do in a full feature film, or in an advertising campaign. It was not a traditional casting process. Because we needed a lot of people in such a short period of time, we kind of blasted it out there. We had people record themselves, and we told them, "Do whatever you're going to do". In the end, we had a mixture of really talented dancers and total character types.



Miss Advised2012TV Series associate producer - 1 episode
Dateline NBC2012TV Series documentary assistant producer - 1 episode

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