• Coyote Peterson is an Emmy Award-winning wildlife YouTuber and show host
• Raised in Newbury, Ohio, he started his passion of wildlife at the age of 8
• His breakout moment came when he started deliberately taking physical damage from dangerous animals
• He has a book entitled "Coyote Peterson’s Brave Adventures: Wild Animals in a Wild World!"
• His net worth is estimated to be around $2 million and his daughter, Pup Peterson, is often featured in his videos


Who is Youtuber Coyote Peterson?

Nathaniel Peterson was born on the 1st of September 1981, in Newbury, Ohio USA; he is more familiar to the public as Coyote Peterson, which is the name behind his very popular wildlife YouTube channel called “Brave Wilderness”. The channel features various series, all of which are hosted by Coyote, including the Discovery Digital’s Emmy Award-winning “Breaking Trail”, “Dragon Tails” and “Base Camp”, to name a few.

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Early Life and Education

Coyote Peterson was raised in Newbury, and started developing his fascination with wildlife as a child when at the age of eight he captured a 40-pound snapping turtle. He was educated at one of the most prestigious and oldest Ohio schools – Notre Dame Cathedral Latin – and upon matriculation enrolled as a film student at Ohio State University, graduating in 2004.

Career Beginnings

Concerning the start of Coyote Peterson’s current career, he began creating and posting videos on his YouTube channel called “Brave Wilderness” in 2014. This channel features a variety of series that cover his journey into the wilderness, during which he comes across numerous animal species, and interacts with them in ways previously unrecorded. Perhaps one of the most unique wildlife interactions that Coyote Peterson brought to the wildlife series genre is the act of deliberately taking physical damage from a dangerous animal, which arose from Coyote’s natural passion for wild animals, which he intended to merge with the knowledge gained during his years as a film student at the aforementioned university, and which subsequently brought him fame. Along with a few of his colleagues, he started producing and posting videos eventually noticed by the Discovery Channel, and a short while after gaining the spotlight, Coyote’s channel had its rights purchased by Discovery, and it’s been affiliated with the television giant ever since.

Rise to Glory

The most significant show from Coyote Peterson’s YouTube channel, earlier known as Animalist, is called “Breaking Trail”, which features Coyote trailing, observing and interacting with various forms of wildlife, mostly intended for young viewers. Once Discovery Channel took an interest in Coyote’s show, they soon found that it made an extremely positive impact on youth, educating them about wildlife which few other shows could. Coyote’s effort was rewarded with Discovery Digital’s Emmy Award in the Youth/Teen program category in 2015.

The Signature Feature

Aside from his success as an animal conservationist, wildlife educator, YouTube personality, show host and producer, Coyote Peterson became known for letting some of the most vicious animals hurt him. Specifically, he has a playlist of videos in which he gets stung by a variety of insects, in a sequence that is in accordance with the Schmidt sting pain index, ranging from the world’s most painful insect sting, to some less painful ones. Videos such as “Pinched by a Huge Crab” and “Stung by a Cow Killer” made massive contributions to his current fame, but one of his most successful breakthroughs so far would have to be the video entitled “Stung by a Bullet Ant”. Since the bullet ant’s sting is ranked the most painful insect-inflicted injury on the planet, Coyote’s YouTube channel enjoyed a large influx of subscribers after this video was posted.

An Aspiring Author

Coyote Peterson even has a book to his name, available to the general public and entitled “Coyote Peterson’s Brave Adventures: Wild Animals in a Wild World!” As with his video content, the spirit of the book is adventurous and childlike – exactly what his fans decided to stick around for. This book chronicles Coyote’s life as a wildlife enthusiast, starting with his aforementioned 8-year-old snapping turtle catch. The book contains a complete record of his most memorable moments over the course of his early years, including the filming of various “Brave Wilderness” shows’ episodes. The main point of the book is for the readers to gain a keener sense of what it’s like to become immersed in wildlife.

Pup Peterson

It is not common that celebrities involve their children in the business right off the bat, but Coyote Peterson is one of the few who is actually full-throttle in this endeavor. Known to the world as Pup Peterson, Coyote Peterson’s daughter can be seen in more than a few of his videos, co-hosting her father’s show. From what is evident in the videos, she seems to love the nature of her dad’s profession, and it is likely that in this case the apple won’t fall far from the tree.

Coyote Peterson Net Worth

Coyote Peterson has been an active owner of a far-reaching and popular YouTube channel, with currently over 10 million subscribers and having attracted over 1.7 billion views and counting. As such, reputable sources estimate that Coyote’s net worth caps at over $2 million as of mid-2018. The aforementioned Emmy Award, along with his book sales and ever-increasing YouTube popularity have thus far contributed a significant amount to this value.

Life Behind the Scenes, and Body Measurements

Unfortunately, Coyote is not too big on sharing his personal information. His wife’s identity for now remains a mystery, while we do know that his daughter bears the public alias of Pup Peterson, and that she was born in 2008.

As for Coyote’s physical characteristics, he stands slim and tallish at 71 inches (180cm), and weighs around 150 lbs (68kg).

Social Media Presence

Aside from his wildly popular YouTube channel, Coyote Peterson is usually quite active on Facebook and Twitter, while those that wish to get an in-depth look at his most amusing activities can always head over to his Instagram page. There’s also Coyote’s own website, where those interested can keep track of his activities at any time, as well as gain access to the entire array of services that Coyote offers online, such as the ability to purchase fan merchandise.

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