• Ethan Klein (born Ethan Edward Klein) is a YouTuber best know for being half of the YouTube channel h3h3Productions.
• The channel has close to six million subscribers and their videos have been viewed over one billion times.
• Ethan is of Ashkenazi Jewish descent and is agnostic atheist.
• He and his wife Hila have launched two more YouTube channels • Ethan and Hila, a vlog channel, and H3 Podcast, a video on demand channel.
• Ethan has a net worth estimated at $2.5 million.


Who is Ethan Klein?

Born Ethan Edward Klein on the 24th June 1985, in Ventura County, California USA, he is a YouTuber, best known to the world as one-half of the popular YouTube channel h3h3Productions, with his wife Hila. Their channel now has close to six million subscribers, while their videos have been viewed over one billion times.

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Is Ethan Klein Dead?

Ethan is very much alive and inventing new ideas to further increase his popularity. Most recently he was seen speaking about the KSI Vs. Logan Paul event. He and his wife have also started a podcast channel, which has further improved his wealth and popularity. Hopefully, he brings more innovations in the future, as fans are expecting that from him.

Ethan Klein Wiki: Early Life, Sister, Parents, and Education

The son of Gary and Donna Klein, Ethan is of Ashkenazi Jewish descent. His paternal grandfather was film and television producer Leonard Katzman. He went to Buena High School, and upon matriculation enrolled at the University of South California, Santa Cruz, where he studied English Literature from 2004 to 2009, but actually graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in creative writing.

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Career Beginnings

After he finished studies, Ethan spent several years ‘finding’ himself, and ended up in Jerusalem on his Birthright Israeli trip, including visiting the Holocaust Museum where he met his future wife and colleague, Hila Hakmon, who at the time was in the Israeli Defence Force. The two started a romantic relationship, and married in 2012. It was in 2013 that Ethan and Hila started h3h3 Productions; in the beginning, the two uploaded videos in regards to Hila’s college projects, such as the “Girls Who Read” reaction video. Soon new videos followed, and the two rapidly increased in popular.

Rise to Prominence

The two then decided to move to the USA, settling in Los Angeles in 2015, although in the next few years, the two moved from Los Angeles to New York City and back. Now available to the wider public, Ethan and his wife were slowly winning the hearts of many, as the number of their subscribers increased on a daily basis. Thanks to their funny and amusing videos, h3h3Productions became extremely popular, and now has close to six million subscribers and their videos have been viewed over one billion times. Some of their most popular videos are “VAPE NATION”, with over 23 million views, “Feeding the Homeless – h3h3 reaction video”, with more than 11 million views, and “Kissing Pranks – h3h3 reaction video”, which has been viewed over 11 million times.

Other Projects

Encouraged by the success of their h3h3Productions, Ethan and Hila launched two more YouTube channels – Ethan and Hila, which is a vlog channel, and H3 Podcast, which is a video on demand channel, on which the two have started numerous series and segments, including Erik’s Conspiracy Closet, hosted by Erik Hoffstad, who is best known for his channel Comment Etiquette, and H3- Interviews, hosted by a guy named Dan.

A number of successful YouTubers have been featured in their podcasts, including Philip DeFranco, iDubbzTV, PewDiePie, Post Malone and Jenna Marbles among many others. They now have over 1.7 million subscribers, while their videos have passed 130 million views. Also, their personal vlog channel Ethan and Hila now has over two million subscribers, and videos on this channel have attracted close to 250 million views.

Ethan Klein Net Worth

Ethan has become a prominent YouTube personality, and with his wife has risen to prominence thanks to their successful channels. He has earned a small fortune through his efforts, so let’s see exactly how rich Ethan Klein is. As of mid- 2018, Ethan’s net worth is estimated at $2.5 million – pretty impressive don’t you think?

Ethan Klein’s Wife, Hila Klein

Born Hila Hakmon on the 12th December 1987 in Holon, Israel into a Sephardic Jewish family, she is of Libyan-Jewish and Turkish-Jewish ancestry. After leaving the Israeli Defence Force, she later enrolled at the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Israel, however, she never finished her studies, but instead focused on her rising career with her husband. Hila and Ethan lived in the Florentin neighborhood of Tel Aviv, before deciding to leave for the USA. She has most recently launched her Teddy Fresh Fashion Line.

Both she and her husband are Jewish, though they identify themselves as agnostic atheists, despite the fact that they celebrate Jewish holidays.

Internet Popularity

In addition to YouTube, Ethan and his h3h3Production have become popular across other social media platforms, especially Instagram and Twitter, but also on Facebook. His official Twitter account has over two million followers, with whom he has shared his most recent career endeavors, including the live interview with Tim Heidecker. On Instagram, Ethan has also shared his career endeavors, but also details from his personal life, including time spent with his wife, among many other posts. H3h3 can be found on Facebook as well, with over 450,000 followers. So, if you aren’t already a fan of this prominent YouTube personality, then this is a fantastic opportunity for you to become one, just skip over to his official pages.

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