• 18-year-old Hispanic social media personality
• Raised in Florida by her father Mario and mother Marisol Selman
• Gained fame through her brother Mario Selman, who was already a star on Musical.ly (TikTok)
• Has presence on multiple social networks, including Instagram and Twitter
• Net Worth of ~$150,000


Who is Catalina Selman?

Born under the sign of Pisces on the 14th of March 2001, in an unspecified part of Florida USA, Catalina ‘Cat’ Selman is an 18-year-old Hispanic social media personality. Best known for her significant presence on social media and other media outlets thanks to the engaging and entertaining content that she posts on her channels, most famously on Musical.ly (TikTok). Part of her fame also comes from her famous older siblings, Mario Selman and Nacha Morel, who gained publicity in the same way. She has enjoyed a good portion of success on social media ever since she began posting her content in 2016.

Early Life and Education: Growing up in Florida

Catalina was raised in her birthplace by her father Mario and mother Marisol Selman, both of unknown professions. She is the youngest of three children, all of whom are famous – the oldest is Nacha Morel, and Mario Selman is in the middle. She is attending Seacrest High School in her birthplace, from where she will matriculate this year. It is unknown whether she has any plans on furthering her education by attending college, as she has not yet expressed the desire to pursue a specific degree. This question will likely be answered to the fans after her upcoming matriculation.

Career: Social media star

Catalina first gained exposure when she was featured in one of her brother’s Musical.ly lip syncing videos, at which point Mario Selman was already a star in his own right. Her presence and appearance were very well received, and further requested by the audience, so she got the idea that she should start making her own videos, and thus created her TikTok account in 2016. She has been posting engaging content ever since, and her fan base has been steadily growing all the while. After gaining a significant number of daily viewers on TikTok, Catalina decided to extend her presence to Instagram and Twitter, where she invited her faithful audience to follow her. Nowadays, she uses all three of these massive social networks to influence the internet and gain more fans, and naturally, she interacts with them on a very frequent basis, so as to maintain an uninterrupted interest in her daily life, and the short musical videos she makes. Sometimes she can be seen taking pictures and/or collaborating with her brother Mario, to whom she originally owes her beginnings in the social media stardom. Man of her videos can be viewed without the TikTok app, using the TikVid.com website.

Catalina Selman

Love Life: Does she have a boyfriend?

According to the available information, or the lack thereof, Catalina is heterosexual and currently single, apparently concentrating on matriculating.

Who is her brother?

Born under the sign of Sagittarius on the 21st of December 1999 in an unspecified part of Chile, Mario Selman is a 19-year-old Hispanic Musical.ly star, Instagram celebrity and YouTuber. He is perhaps best known to the world for his numerous videos on a few of the most famous social networks, most prominently for the content he posted on Musical.ly (also known as TikTok) that first gained him popularity. He first attended Seacrest High School, from where he matriculated in 2017. There is no information as to whether he decided to further his studies by attending college, though it is generally believed that he did not choose to pursue a degree.

What is Catalina Selman’s Net Worth?


Body Measurements

Not enough information across the credible sources. Catalina’s hair is light blond, eyes are dark brown and her complexion is mostly bright.

Social Media Presence

  • Facebook profile is private
  • Twitter account has over 70,000 followers
  • Instagram account has almost 400,000 fans

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