• Alejandra Gil is a social media personality and fitness model from Colombia
• She has a net worth of over $700,000
• She has gained fame through her Instagram account, with over 2 million followers
• She has various sponsorships and partnerships with fitness supplement and energy drink companies
• She has an active presence on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, where she posts her workout videos and tutorials


Who is Alejandra Gil?

Alejandra Gil was born on 17 March 1990, in Cartago, Colombia, and is a social media personality as well as a fitness model. She’s best known from gaining fame through her content posted on her Instagram account, on which she has millions of followers, and has also been featured by several publications.

The Net Worth of Alejandra Gil

How rich is Alejandra Gil? As of mid-2019, sources inform us of a net worth that is over $700,000, earned largely through a successful career as a fitness model. Thanks to her fame, she’s gained numerous partnerships and sponsors, ranging from fitness supplements to energy drinks. As she continues her career, it is expected that her wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life and Fitness Beginnings

Alejandra has been passionate about fitness since she was young. While there are no details regarding her family and education, it is known that she always leaned towards athletics. She did not initially intend to pursue her goal using weight training, but instead played a lot of sports. She believed that this was the way to help her get the look she wanted.

Alejandra Gil

She developed her body during this period, with most of her training going towards endurance and stamina. However, she desired more physically noticeable results, so then decided to try weight training and it improved her physique quicker than all of her other sports-related activities. She started to transition, going to the gym more often than playing sports, and later tried her hand at CrossFit, a physical exercise philosophy and also a competitive sport. It is a combination of various disciplines including high-intensity interval training (HIIT), powerlifting, strongman, plyometrics, and many more elements.

Online Fame

Gil now spends most of her days at the gym, only doing other sports during the weekends. The change in her lifestyle helped her build more muscle, which in turn led to the physical look she wanted, as she desired to be curvier. Despite all of these achievements, she never really got any mainstream attention until she started posting on Instagram. Owned by Facebook, Instagram is a photo and video sharing service, which allows users to upload to its own network. One’s uploads can easily be organized through tags and locations while they can also be edited through filters.


These posts can then be shared to pre-approved followers or to the public while users have the option to browse using trending, tags, and locations categories. The service launched in 2010 and has since gained popularity rapidly with over a billion in registered users while there are 500 million daily active users. The website has gained criticisms as well due to its abrupt changes in policy and interface. One of the reasons for Gil’s rapid rise to fame is due to her posting photos which showcased the results of her workouts. She also posted tutorial videos, which gained her a lot of positive attention.


Alejandra’s posts have helped her gain over two million followers on Instagram, and this in turn, attracted numerous companies which started contacting her for modelling work. She also gained sponsorships from several companies, providing her additional income and free products as long as she promotes them.

One of her sponsors is Bang Energy which is made by Vital Pharmaceuticals, Inc. under the name VPX. The company is located in Florida and was founded in 1993 with a focus towards fitness enthusiasts. The company also sells nutritional supplements and performance beverages. They are also the owner of the REDLINE energy drink which she also promotes.

She is also sponsored by the Training Plan, a company which offers online plans to athletes and those wanting to compete at the highest level. They offer various plans incorporating strength, fitness, mobility, and many other aspects for an overall workout experience. Users can opt to use her code for a discount with these companies which in turn also means extra income for her. She has posted a lot of photos and videos of her promoting the drink Bang, and has even done a commercial for the company.

Personal Life and Social Media

For her personal life, not much is known about Gil’s romantic relationships. She has not talked about this aspect of her life nor has posted anything about it on her online accounts. She has managed to keep it away from the media, though many sources state that she is currently single and focused on her work as a fitness model, going to the gym while also doing sports, now playing a lot of volleyball.

Aside from her account on Instagram, she also has a presence on several other social media websites, which has contributed to her rise to fame. She has an account on Facebook which has over 30,000 followers, and on which she posts a lot of photos – several of her workout videos became viral on the site. She also has a Twitter account with over 1,000 followers, and it mainly carries posts of her day to day activities however, she has not been active on the site since 2016. She also has a YouTube account which mainly posts some of her workout sessions. While she does not post there often, when she does, it is usually a tutorial or demo of her working out.

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