• Born in Victorville, California on April 11, 2001
• Has 900,000 fans and 13 million hearts on TikTok
• Has 210,000 subscribers on YouTube and 1.4 million followers on Instagram
• Physically active and enjoys playing several sports
• Net worth estimated to be over $500,000


Who is Brandon Westenberg?

Brandon was born in Victorville, California USA, on 11 April 2001, so under the zodiac sign of Aries, holding American nationality, and belongs to Dutch and Indonesian ethnicity – he came into the spotlight after he amassed quite a number of followers on his TikTok account.

Childhood years and education

Brandon spent his entire childhood in California with his parents, who he never talks about – it is rumored that his parents asked him not to mention them in the media because they don’t want their personal life to be part of his social media career. Brandon has three younger brothers – two of them named Lance and Gavin are also quite active on the Internet and are very popular on TikTok as well, while his third brother’s name is Gave. He has an older sister who is married and her name is Cassy Westenberg Walker.

Brandon is still attending Silverado High School in California, and although he has to spend a lot of time on the Internet because of his career on it, he is still quite sportive and is playing soccer for the school’s team, while he also practices mixed martial arts – he says that he’ll pursue a college degree after he matriculates, most likely in Media and Communications.

Social media career

Brandon started his career on the Internet while he was still very young – when he created his Musical.ly account, he had no idea that it was going to get so big, and he didn’t plan to make a career around it. After Musical.ly was shut down, TikTok was born and Brandon kept most of his fans, and his popularity also continued to grow.

Brandon is using TikTok as his main account and he goes by the name ‘beyond’ – he has so far gathered nearly 900,000 fans and 13 million hearts on his videos (‘hearts’ are similar to ‘likes’ on Facebook). His second significant account is on YouTube, which he launched on 24 May 2013 – it has over 210,000 subscribers and nearly 1.75 million views on all his videos, which are mostly related to pranks and random things. The most viewed video on his channel is entitled “HOW TO KNOW IF A GUY LIKES YOU! | Brandon Westenberg”, and has been watched nearly 350,000 times. He is also one half of the “Brandon & Giovanny” YouTube channel which was launched on 25 May 2017 and has so far gathered nearly 60,000 followers and almost one million views, although the two have only uploaded three videos onto it.

Brandon Westenberg

He is very active on Instagram as his account is followed by over 1.4 million people, although he has only posted around 130 pictures – he has a Twitter account which he launched in June 2013 and has amassed over 100,000 followers and tweeted nearly 6,000 times. Brandon has a Facebook page as well, but is not popular at all compared to his other accounts as it has only around 530 followers.

He has one more Instagram account – “byndco” is the account that represents his own “beyond” merchandise which he sells on his website.

His girlfriend can be found on Instagram as well – she goes by the name “real.ona” and has so far gathered nearly three million followers and uploaded over 260 pictures.

Brandon’s brothers on the Internet

Let’s talk about Lance first – he was born on 10 July 2003 in the US under the zodiac sign of Cancer and holds American nationality. He launched his YouTube channel on 4 March 2017 and has so far gathered nearly 6,000 subscribers and 150,000 views of his eight videos – he and his brother Gavin launched their mutual channel one year before on 13 April, but they only have around 500 subscribers and a single video uploaded. Lance has an Instagram account which is followed by over 120,000 people – he’s posted around 240 pictures, and his description reads ‘a boy who wears makeup and sings’.

Gavin was born on 4 September 2006 under the zodiac sign of Virgo – he is quite popular on his Instagram account as he is followed by over 100,000 people, while he’s posted nearly 200 pictures. He launched his own YouTube channel on 9 September 2015 when he was only nine, and has so far gathered nearly 2,500 subscribers and over 32,000 views combined on his 16 videos.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is an iOS and Android application which is most popular in China where it’s called “Douyin”, which means ‘vibrating sound’ – the application lets you create and share videos of not longer than 15 seconds.

The platform is owned by ByteDance or Beijing ByteDance Technology Co Ltd., which is a Chinese Internet Technology Company which operates several apps – it was launched in China in September 2016, and then in Europe and the US the following year. It didn’t become popular until 2018, when it was downloaded more than any other app in the US – it is currently available in more than 150 countries and over 70 languages, and it is said that over 500 million people are using it.

The most popular accounts on the platform are “Lisa and Lena” from Germany who have over 32.7 million followers, “Loren Gray” from the US who has more than 30.5 million followers, and “Baby Ariel” from the US as well who is followed by over 29.3 million people.

Brandon’s personal life and relationships

Brandon is not very secretive when it comes to his personal matters, but he still chooses not to share everything with the public. In 2016, he made it official that he was dating Jordyn Jones, a dancer, and their relationship lasted for two years before they broke up in 2018 – around the same time when they split, Brandon started dating Hailey Orona, an Instagram star born on 24 December 2002.

Likes and other interests

Brandon is a very physically active person and loves to play several sports, also martial arts, and was taking classes in the past. He enjoys spending time with educated people and is a big books fan – he stated that his favorite holiday is Christmas. He is also very fond of games, especially Fortnite but is not that good at it – he is currently interested in dancing and is taking lessons. He loves eating Italian and Chinese food but doesn’t like fast food at all.

Things he finds annoying

Some of the things Brandon can’t stand include when people talk to him with gum in their mouth and when they step on his shoes, – he also hates it when he opens the doors for someone and they don’t say ‘thank you’.

Who does he look up to?

It is expected that a social media personality will look up to another social media personality – he admires Jonas Bridges the most, a popular TikTok star who was born on 20 March 2001 and has gathered over 2.2 million followers on the platform.

Appearance and net worth

Brandon has recently turned 18. He has short black hair, brown eyes, is 5ft 6in (1.67m) tall and weighs around 132lb (60kg).

According to authoritative sources, Brandon’s current net worth is estimated to be over $500,000, and will surely rise as long as he keeps being active on the Internet.

Source: IMDb, Wikipedia

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