• Catfish Cooley is an American comedian who became famous for his viral videos
• He was born on 2 May 1990 in Louisiana and matriculated from his local high school in 2008
• His YouTube channel now has almost 200,000 subscribers and his most popular video has over 2.2 million views
• Catfish Cooley is married to Munica West and has two daughters, Tyler and Zooey
• His net worth is estimated to be around $400,000 earned through YouTube, Instagram and stand-up comedy performances


Catfish Cooley is a famous American comedian, who became popular for his viral videos in which he acts as a classic redneck character, highlighting his honest and unique spirit of fair humor. Let’s find out more about his net worth, family, age, etc.

Early life and family

Catfish Cooley was born on 2 May 1990, in Louisiana USA, so under the sign of Taurus and holding American nationality. Almost nothing is known about his early childhood, his parents or his siblings. He’s never mentioned or posted any pictures of them on his social media profiles, as he’s tried to keep his private life low-key.

Educational background

Catfish Cooley matriculated from his local high school in Louisiana in 2008. He’s never shared information on college or university, so nothing is known about his educational background.


Catfish Cooley has never shared any details about any offline job; it is only known that he started his online career in 2017 when he created his YouTube channel. He started uploading comic videos on various topics, mostly about his everyday life experiences, and the things he faced on a daily basis which bothered him. His videos soon garnered thousands of views due to his unique style of commenting.

Catfish Cooley

Catfish Colley’s videos went viral when he was featured on Tosh.0, a popular TV series produced and hosted by comedian Daniel Tosh. Catfish and his YouTube show entitled “Whiskey Wednesday” appeared in Tosh.0 episode 27 in season 7, and Catfish attracted even more followers and viewers. In 2018 he went on tour with his stand-up comedy performances, along with Ginger Billy in the “Nitro Comedy Tour”. In 2019 he went on tour around the US along with another comedian, Andrew Conn. His YouTube channel now has almost 200,000 subscribers, and more than 220 videos. His most popular video is entitled “Redneck eats 2 Paqui worlds hottest chips with Louisiana hot sauce !!!”, with over 2.2 million views.

Another video which amassed over 1.5 million views is entitled “Mad dog 357 Plutonium – hotter than the devils dick”, uploaded on 7 February 2018. He often entertains his audience by showing how he eats hot food, and how he tries to keep calm, not showing any discomfort from the spicy dishes or chips.

Personal life, wife Munica West

Not much is known about Catfish Cooley’s private life. He mentioned he has been married to Munica West for several years, however, he’s never revealed how they met and when they married, keeping all the details low-key. They have two daughters: Tyler and Zooey.

Zooey appeared in his video entitled “COMEDIAN CATFISH COOLEY: MY CHILD IS A THREENAGER! PARENTS DAUGHTERS COMEDY”; in this video he debated with his daughter about her habit not to use a potty; he also mentioned that at the age of three she still used her pacifier, and complained that Zooey always turned their house into a mess, using all her toys and never putting them back to the cupboard.

Hobbies and interesting facts

Among Catfish Cooley’s hobbies are watching TV and fishing. He also likes spending his spare time with his family, as he is often on tour around the US and sees them rarely nowadays. However, he does his best as a father of two daughters, and helps his wife to bring them up and to teach them the essentials of life.

Social media presence

Catfish Cooley is active on various social media platforms, as he uses them to promote his content. His Instagram account has amassed almost 300,000 subscribers and has almost 100 posts; his Facebook profile has the largest audience among his social media profiles, with over 2.6 million followers. He doesn’t have a Twitter account, but his YouTube channel has accumulated almost 200,000 subscribers. Catfish Cooley rarely communicates with his fans in the comments, but sometimes answers their questions when he has time for that. He also has a personal website, with the tour schedule of his performances.

Appearance, clothing style

Catfish Cooley has naturally red hair, though he has a very short haircut and sometimes even shaves all of his hair off his head; however, his red beard is always present as his mascot. He has blue eyes. He hasn’t any teeth in the lower jaw, though he doesn’t want to fix it, keeping it his special mark. As for his stage costume, he always wears a pirate’s grey hat and a denim overall without a T-shirt under it. In real life, he prefers casual looks and wears the same denim overalls or jeans with a T-shirt. He has many tattoos on his body, one of them a catfish.

Net worth and salary

According to authoritative sources, Catfish Cooley’s net worth is estimated to be around $400,00, earning such an impressive sum by uploading his comic videos on his YouTube channel, and touring with his stand-up performances around the US. His Instagram account is also a source of income for him, as he gets up to $1,400 per post there. His YouTube channel earns around $1,600 per month which is good additional income. There are many upcoming events in which Catfish Cooley is going to perform, along with other comedians, so his net worth is only going to grow in future.

Source: IMDb, Wikipedia

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