• Kelsi Shay (born 1992) is a model, actress, influencer, Playmate and social media personality.
• She has Thai, Scandinavian, Armenian and Hawaiian roots.
• She is a full-time Playmate and is an avid fitness lover
• She has a net worth of close to $1 million
• She is mostly active on Instagram and Twitter


Kelsi Shay’s Wiki Biography, age, measurements, boyfriendBorn under the zodiac sign of Cancer, on 11 July 1992, in Kansas City, Missouri USA, Kelsi Shay is a 26-year-old model, actress, influencer, Playmate and social media personality. Due to her uncanny taste in fashion and perpetually-changing hairstyles, she set Instagram on fire and amassed a large following in a short period of time. Her social media prowess caught the eye of “Playboy” executives, which eventually resulted in a Playboy Cyber Girl of The Month award for November 2016.
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Early Life and Education: Growing Up in Kansas City

Across all authoritative sources, there isn’t any conclusive information about Kelsi’s upbringing, family or anything relating to her early life. The decision not to share any details about her private life was a conscious one, as she didn’t want anything to interfere with her modeling career. However, we do know that Kelsi owes her exotic looks and impeccable physique to her very mixed roots – apparently, she has Thai, Scandinavian, Armenian and Hawaiian roots, mainly on her mother’s side of the family tree. With such genetic predispositions, Kelsi realized that a career in front of the camera was her true calling.

Career Beginnings: Fighting for Her Place Under the Sun

Kelsi took up modeling when she was just 15 years-old, at the suggestion of her friends and family. Unlike most models who cared only about looks and fashion, Kelsi had a significant advantage. She played sports in middle and high school, which lead to her having an impressive physique at such a young age. Due to the competitive nature of the modeling industry, Kelsi wasn’t able to become internationally famous right away, however, this didn’t prevent her from investing Herculean efforts into getting noticed by magazines, websites and talent agencies. ‘I’ve done everything from print to advertising to music videos, I stopped at nothing because I wanted everyone to know my name!’, Kelsi once said. After several appearances in music videos, print and advertisements, she finally got the big break she was so desperately looking for.

Kelsi Shay

The Next Step: A Photo Shoot Offer from Playboy

In 2016, Kelsi was moderately popular, which caught the eye of “Playboy Plus”. The renowned magazine, dedicated to topics surrounding lifestyle, pop culture and pornography, offered her a shoot – as they are always looking for fresh talent, the then-24-year-old Kelsi fitted the bill perfectly. Immediately after completing her first summer shoot for “Playboy”, she appeared in the September 2016 issue – her debut was so successful that she became the only debutant ever to receive the Cyber Girl of the Month award. Even though many people frown upon nude photography, Kelsi is a proponent of this form of art, as it can help people feel comfortable in their own skin. As a ‘strong and independent woman’, Kelsi adores the fact that “Playboy” celebrates female bodies, their sensuality and the uniqueness of every featured model.

From a Photo Shoot to Regular Collaborations

The first photo shoot went so well that “Playboy” had little choice than to hire her as a full-time Playmate. One of the main reasons for this decision is the fact that she is an avid fitness lover, which is evident when you look at her impressive physique that she has been working hard to achieve. Her appearance and lifestyle showed Playboy fans around the world that you don’t have to starve yourself to look good. Perhaps her most famous photoshoot was for Playboy Thailand, which occurred in 2017. This gig was more than just a job – due to her Thai roots, she was ecstatic to introduce herself to additional fans in a country where her ancestors once lived. With a summer vibe, the shoot featured Kelsi is a small, but stylish blue bikini. Added accessories included chains and other gold jewelry, which complemented her bronzed skin complexion perfectly.

Adding a Bit of Art to Her Photoshoots

Kelsi’s other significant contributions to Playboy include two fan-favorite shoots – “Garden of Secrets” and “Leather Bound”. These two appearances in Playboy Plus added to Kelsi’s already immense popularity, mostly because they are different than her usual frontal displays. In the “Garden of Secrets”, Kelsi traveled to Hawaii, which experience also meant a lot to her because she has roots on the Pacific archipelago. Hidden deep in the lush jungle of Maui, she posed in a pink tank top, again showcasing her impressive physique. “Leather Bound” was more of a homage to old school fetish photo shoots that Playboy is known for. Wearing knee-high leather boots and a latex jacket, Kelsi shone in a luxuriously-styled room; the series of photos was published in Playboy Portugal, and Kelsi also appeared in CWEN Magazine, a beauty and fashion publication, a feature on their Instagram page with 400,000 followers.

Kelsi Shay’s Sponsorships: Ruckus Apparel

After a series of successful appearances in Playboy, her Instagram account exploded, and thousands of fans began following tidbits from her personal life, as well as professional accomplishments. In December of 2017, she received an offer from Ruckus Apparel to be their face on social media. Although she wears a lot of streetwear and high-fashion brands in her photos, Kelsi’s most significant sponsorship is none other than Ruckus. This business relationship worked out so well that the young American model was even hired to appear on the catwalk, promoting several pieces of the RUCKUS SS17 collection, including a gorgeous white swimsuit.

Acting Career

In addition to her modeling prowess, Kelsi has also appeared in several short series and documentaries, mostly centered around her experiences while working with Playboy. Her debut was in 2016, appearing in her own episode of the Playboy Plus series. Afterwards, she appeared in a total of 11 episodes of Playboy Cyber Girls, followed by Cybergirl of the Year and Fantasy Flirt, both in 2018.

Personal Life: Does Kelsi Shay Have a Boyfriend?

Kelsi is currently single, but enjoys a hectic lifestyle while attending parties around the world. One of her Twitter captions is the following quote – ‘That’s why I’m crowned queen and I ain’t looking for the prom king’, which is a lyric from the hit 2 Chainz song – “I Luv Dem Strippers”, released in 2012. The verse is rapped by Nicki Minaj, making it possible that Kelsi wants to come off as an independent woman who is focused on her career, just like Nicki.

Body Measurements: How Tall is Kelsi Shay?

Kelsi Shay stands at 5’7’’ (1.70m) tall, her weight is 130 lbs (59 kg), while her vital statistics are 34-27-37, making it clear that she’s an avid gymgoer, with as many as five or six workouts per week. Although she has natural dark brown hair, it’s not rare to see her wearing a wig or dyeing her hair several times a month. Some of her appearance changes include cutting bangs, a blonde wig or straight light brown hair. She has one navel piercing, as well as a tattoo on her right hip.

Kelsi Shay

Did Kelsi Shay Undergo Plastic Surgery?

In several videos and photoshoots, fans have noticed large scars  around the lower breast area. Although Kelsi never addressed this matter personally, the general consensus is that she didn’t have implants inserted, instead, it is widely suspected that she underwent some sort of breast reduction procedure. This type of surgery involves the surgeon removing a triangular piece of breast tissue, and afterwards bringing the two sides together to reduce the overall cup size.

What is Kelsi Shay’s Net Worth?

According to several reputable sources, as of mid-2019 Kelsi Shay has a net worth of close to $1 million, which she’s accumulated through high-profile photoshoots, product sponsorships and other business ventures. Given the fact that she still has a career in front of her, we could very well see this amount increase in the near future.

Social Media Presence

Kelsi is mostly active on Instagram, on which she has 100,000 followers. She is also an avid Twitter user, and uses the platform to share videos and photos from her travels, as well as music she’s been listening to recently. 37,000 people read, like and comment on her Tweets.

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