• Renee Wyatt is an American businesswoman, entrepreneur, actress and gun enthusiast.
• She is best known as one of the main stars of the popular reality TV series “American Guns”.
• She handled the business side of things for Gunsmoke Guns, while her husband oversaw production and modification of firearms.
• The store was shut down by authorities following a legal scandal involving her husband.
• She has a personal net worth of $250,000 and is followed by 2,700 people on Twitter.


Who is Renee Wyatt?

Born on an unspecified date in the United States of America, Renee Wyatt is an American businesswoman, entrepreneur, actress and gun enthusiast. She is best known as one of the main stars of the popular reality TV series “American Guns”, which aired on Discovery Channel for two seasons. As the wife of Rich Wyatt, the founder of Gunsmoke Guns, she was heavily involved in the filming of every episode. While her husband oversaw the production and modification of various firearms, Renee handled the business side of things, along with her daughter, Paige Wyatt.

Even though “American Guns” was discontinued by the Discovery Channel in 2012, she remained an integral part of the Gunsmoke Guns team, as they looked to expand their ventures. Unfortunately, the store was shut down by the authorities, following a legal scandal involving her husband.

Early Life and Education: Growing Up in the USA

Renee was raised by parents of unknown names and professions. Despite being the star of one Discovery’s highest rated reality shows, Renee has never wanted to reveal anything about her personal life, one reasons why fans loved “American Guns” so much – the series was centered around professional endeavors, without too much regard for family quarrels or anything else. Renee has always politely brushed aside queries on her private affairs, and talks only about her professional accomplishments.

There isn’t information about her education either, nor how she entered the world of firearms; on one occasion, she said it was a family affair. ‘My family was big on guns, so I had no choice but to follow in their footsteps’, Wyatt stated. It is widely believed that she received some kind of professional training, allowing her to be a licensed gunsmith.

Career: Gunsmoke Guns

Nothing is known about Renee’s employment history before she joined Gunsmoke Guns. According to her LinkedIn page, she became a part of the Wyatt family venture in 2001, since when she’s excelled in a managerial role for the Colorado-based company, contributing to the brand’s expansion on a nationwide scale.

In the mid-2000s, they became one of the most famous gun customization shops in the world, which in turn attracted many celebrity clients who expressed a desire for diamond-encrusted revolvers, restored rifles from the Civil War and similar custom firearms. Renee handled relationships with clients, while the rest of the family did the ‘hands on’ manual work. Rich himself stated on a number of occasions that his wife’s determination and social skills improved the brand, and their way of doing business. Even though “American Guns” lasted for only two seasons, Renee brought comic relief, but also a no-nonsense approach to each project.

As she became a reality TV star, she gained a lot of fans; in one episode, Wyatt said that she was offered multiple managerial positions by gun shops around the country, but thankfully for Gunsmoke Guns, she stayed loyal to her family. However, in 2012, the business was jeopardized by a series of legal scandals.

The “Fall” of Gunsmoke Guns

On 17 December 2012, Discovery shocked the world by announcing that they’d decided to cancel “American Guns”. Despite a plethora of fan requests to renew the series, or even implement a new format, the network further reinforced their decision by stating that there are no plans for a re-run, let alone a continuation.

Renee Wyatt

The general consensus was that the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting played a role in Discovery’s decision, as they didn’t see the promotion of firearm use as something they wanted to be associated with.

However, later that year, it was revealed that Rich Wyatt was selling guns without a license, which prompted several raids by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and other government agencies. Rich’s legal problems further unraveled with additional charges of tax evasion being added to an already open case. He was convicted on ten counts, and in 2017 a six-year prison sentence was officially confirmed by Colorado authorities, which was the final nail in the coffin of Gunsmoke Guns.

During this period, Renee, Paige and the rest of the family refused to comment on the case.

Life After Gunsmoke Guns: Where Is She Now?

Currently there is no viable information on the whereabouts of Renee or any other Wyatt family members. Given that her husband was apprehended by federal authorities, she most likely wanted to distance herself from the case as much as possible. As of late-2019, she is still married to Rich Wyatt, but there aren’t any records of her interacting with him since he was incarcerated. Some industry experts have indicated that she found a job in another gun customization store, but this hasn’t been confirmed.

Personal Life: Who Are Her Children?

In total, Renee Wyatt has four children – she is the second step-mother of Kurt and Paige Wyatt, Rich’s step-children. So far, she hasn’t revealed the identity of the children’s father. Kurt is a licensed firearm instructor who joined Gunsmoke Guns at the age of 19. His speciality is engraving, and while “American Guns” was still being aired, he was the mastermind behind some of their most beautiful works. Paige, on the other hand, is more of an entrepreneur than a gun specialist, although of course she’s a gun enthusiast, and has a personal collection of over 100 rare or custom firearms.

It can be said that Paige is the Wyatt family member who profited from the show the most, as she became a proper celebrity, and even sold her own merchandise through a company called Hughwear. Renee has two other daughters, Brook (b. 2006) and Ginger (b. 2009). While “American Guns” was on air, neither girl appeared due to their age, and Renee’s insistence on their privacy.

Body Measurements: How Tall is Renee Wyatt?

Renee Wyatt is 5ft 3in (162cm) tall and weighs approximately 114lbs (52kgs). She has light brown eyes, with shades of green. Her hair is blonde.

Net Worth: How Rich is Renee Wyatt?

Have you ever wondered how affluent this reality star really is?

According to credible sources, Renee Wyatt has a personal net worth of $250,000, as of late 2019, accumulated largely by being a key cog in the Gunsmoke Guns machine, but jointly through business she and Rich are reputed to be worth around $10 million – of course, legal proceedings may have denuded that bank account somewhat.

Social Media Presence

One would think that a reality star such as Renee would use social media to further capitalize on her fame, but this is not the case. Technically she still has a Twitter profile, on which she is followed by 2,700 people. However, her last activity was seven years ago, which coincides with the time period when “American Guns” was discontinued, and Rich’s problems with the law surfaced. Their business sites are currently inactive.

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