1) James Wilson is a long-standing YouTuber who started his career at the rise of the platform and has now become one of the most recognized streamers.
2) He has three YouTube channels, "UberHaxorNova", "Cow Chop", and "NovaPipeBomb" with a combined following of over 4 million subscribers.
3) He often collaborates with other YouTube celebrities, such as PewDiePie, ImmortalHD, Aron, and GassyMexican.
4) His net worth is estimated to be around $3 million, earned from his online presence and merchandise store.
5) James is active on various social media platforms and is a fan of Lipton Iced Tea and Fruit Gushers.


James “UberHaxorNova” Wilson is one of the longest-standing YouTubers, who started his career at the rise of the platform. He took chances to promote his talents and charisma to attract as many subscribers as he could, and now he’s one of the most recognized and respected streamers of the whole internet community. Let’s find out more about his age, girlfriend, and net worth he’s managed to accumulate through all these years.
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Early life, family

James Richard “UberHaxorNova” Wilson Jr. was born on 1 June 1990 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania USA, where he spent his childhood, raised by his mother whose name isn’t available at the moment, and nothing is known about his father, who James has never mentioned. He once claimed he worked as a hot dog seller at the Twizzlers factory, needing to work from an early age to help his mother –  they had financial problems when James was a kid. James later tried to reach his father and even passed a DNA test to understand who his biological father really is – while passing the blood and health test, James found out that he was 67 percent European and 13 percent sub-Saharan African. Though his mother claimed those tests were all wrong, since she insisted to be from Puerto Rico, she denied the results of the test, saying they only wanted James’ money and didn’t tell the truth. He made a video on how he shared the results of the test with his mother, and asked her if she wanted to leave a message for his father, but his mother only yelled that she hated James’ biological father, while James burst out with laughter.

Education and Career

James attended a local high school in Lancaster form which he matriculated in 2008. Even before that, as soon as he turned 16 he started his YouTube channel – there’s no information about his graduation from any college or university, apparently deciding to focus on his streaming and video-editing career.

James started his online career when he created his current main YouTube channel on 4 April 2008. He mostly uploaded Machinima and “Let’s play” videos in which he was playing various games and commenting on his steps and tactics while he was playing. He was soon noticed by the group of YouTubers called “The Creatures”, which generated entertainment content based on video game streams, “let’s play” videos, pranks and more. James was welcomed to “The Creatures” in 2010, and started taking active participation in content creating. He became one of the most memorable and effective members of the team, also attracting followers to his personal channel, since a lot of fans wanted to see more of him.


UberHaxorNova YouTube channel

As a lot of people subscribed to James’ personal channel, he never stopped editing and posting videos of his own, and his channel now has almost 6,000 videos uploaded. There are several sections on his channel, related to each game he’s played in terms of his “Let’s play” heading. 92 videos of James’ playing “Super Mario Maker”, 64 videos in “GTA Online” section, 17 videos of “The Hat”, and a huge nmber of videos in which James plays several games one by one, changing the game by his mood, from classic ones to the hottest novelties. As for the moment, James uploads one-two videos a week.

Cow Chop YouTube channel

The channel “CowChop” was created by James along with his friend and another YouTuber, ImmortalHD, whose real name is Aleks. Their team also includes an editor who helps them to add special effects and cuts the scenes properly, Mr. Joe Extreme – real name is Joe. Aleks and James created the channel on 26 February 2016, with the first video uploaded a month later. As for the moment, the channel has almost a million subscribers viewing about 1,200 videos uploaded over three years – the team work hard to be consistent, uploading videos every day. The channel has four main sections, they are various series: “CCTV” (a set of podcasts), “Wrong Side of YouTube” (a series of funny videos on multiple interesting topics) “Behind the Chop” (a series of backstage moments and bloopers), “Amazon Prime Time” (a set of videos on things people buy on Amazon and the detailed overviews of those products made the members of the Cow Chop team). The most popular video on the channel is called “Snug Love Tunnel”, having attracted more than two million views.

James recently announced that he was going to leave the channel, though there is no information whether he was going to stop appearing in videos or leave as an owner, giving his part of the rights to new channel owners.

Collaborations with other famous YouTubers

YouTube celebrities often search for a way to attract a new audience, and collaborations between YouTube personalities is one of the most effective tools for that. Thus, James had a chance for a very fruitful co-operation with the YouTube star, PewDiePie. They made a stream in 2015, in which they played together and discussed some aspects of professional streaming and gaming. James has also collaborated with such YouTube sensations as ImmortalHD (who is in fact his close friend), Aron, GassyMexican and many others.

Personal life

James always kept his private life low-key, so when popped-up he has never commented on them. Thus, his fans discussed a Twitter user with the nickname “Ven0mkisser”, who was rumored to be James’ girlfriend, and her posts on Twitter about her taking the pregnancy test made the discussion even hotter, though it ended up with nothing, since James never confirmed his relationships either with that girl nor with any others.

Hobbies and interesting facts

James is a dog-lover, and has a corgi named Ein, often posting pictures of his dog on his Instagram account, showing how they play together or celebrate Ein’s birthday.

His favorite drink is Lipton Iced Tea; his favorite candies are Fruit Gushers, and he eats them so often that he once even joked he was waiting for them to reach him with a sponsorship. Even though he considers that eating, chewing and drinking are unacceptable while streaming and commenting the gaming process, he does all those things himself all the time. James is said to have acrophobia (the fear of heights). He also has an allergy for crabs.

Social media presence

James tries to be active on social media platforms to raise the level of attention to his personality. He has three YouTube channels – “UberHaxorNova” which has more than three million subscribers, “Cow Chop” managed with Aleks “ImmortalHD” with very close a million subscribers, and his third YouTube channel called “NovaPipeBomb”, but he only uses it to upload his videos from the game “WWE”, but which still has more than 125,000 followers, but only 34 videos, and doesn’t generate any income for James.

He has an Instagram account which has more than 140,000 followers, on which James posted selfies and photos with his dog, but the last posted in 2017, though fans comments even now, saying they miss him and his pictures. He is also very active on his Twitter account which is read by more than 664,000 people, and his profile on Facebook is followed by more than 170,000 people, and has the blue badge of official verification. James also streams his playing various games on Twitch, his channel there is followed by more than 300,000 people.


James has middle length naturally curled black hair and dark brown eyes; he always has a beard and moustaches. James is 5ft 10ins (1.78m) tall and weighs around 176lbs (80kgs). As for his clothing style, he prefers casual items such as jeans, T-shirts and hoodies. He is a tattoo lover, and has several covering his arms and shoulders.

Net worth

James accumulated an impressive amount of money, managing and creating the content for several YouTube channels. His personal channel has attracted almost two billion views as of April 2019, and the net worth James has from his personal channel alone is estimated by sources to be around $660,000. He earns around $10,500 per month from his “UberHaxorNova” YouTube profile, while he gets extra income from the “Cow Chop” channel as manager, a co-creator and an actor the net worth of the channel estimated to be over $700,000, and the members of the creative team get around $11,000 per month (divided for four-five people). One should take to account that “Cow Chop” channel has a profile on Patreon which is supported by 2,100 patrons, sponsoring the channel for $11,000 monthly. Adding to this, an online store of “Cow Chop” merchandise gives James another source of stable income. James’ overall net worth is estimated to be around $3 million, and is very likely to continue growing since he is still working hard streaming twice a day, and uploading new videos to his name-titled YouTube channel.



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