• Jayne Brown is a television personality best known for her work on QVC
• Her net worth is estimated to be over $3 million
• She grew up in West Chester, Pennsylvania and attended Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania
• She moved to QVC in 1998 and began her presenting career in 1999
• She is married with two daughters, enjoys playing tennis and cooking, and is active on social media


Who is Jayne Brown?

Jayne Brown was born in 1962, in West Chester County, Pennsylvania, USA, and is a television personality, best known for her hosting work on the television network QVC, which specializes in televised home shopping. She is one of the more well-known personalities of the network, having been with them for many years.

The Net Worth of Jayne Brown

How rich is Jayne Brown? As of early-2019, sources inform us of a net worth that is over $3 million, earned through a successful career on television. Prior to her work on the TV screen, she’s already had a decade of experience working with various popular retail companies in the US. As she continues her endeavors, it is expected that her wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life, Education, and Career Beginnings

Very little is known about Jayne’s childhood and her life before her television fame, except that she grew up alongside a sister, raised by their mother in West Chester, and very close to her local church and community.

Jayne Brown

After matriculating from high school, she enrolled at Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania (LHU) which is one of the 14 members of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education. The campus consists of 200 acres and 69 undergraduate programs with four graduate programs. After completing her education, she began working in the retail industry, serving in the sales teams of companies such as JC Penny Co., Paul Harris, and Ladybug, steadily increasing her experience as she learned more about the ins and outs of the industry, rising to team management positions. She gained over 15 years’ worth of experience before deciding to pursue another career path.

Move to QVC

In 1998, Brown decided to move to QVC as a member of the team behind the scenes – the company’s name is an acronym which stands for Quality Value Convenience and is the flagship shopping channel of the Qurate Retail Group, founded in West Chester in 1986, and is broadcast to 350 million households around the world, including in the UK, China, Italy, Germany and Japan. She began working as an assistant buyer for QVC, and spent most of her time observing presenters as they sold products in front of a camera.

After nine months of working behind the scenes, she wanted to gain more opportunities to increase her income, and so auditioned for a presenter role with the company. She was successful, and in 1999 made her first broadcast. She was seen presenting with other popular names of the channel, including Pat James DeMentro whom she is close friends with outside of work. She mentions that she enjoys working for QVC, spending time with the team and collaborating to help reach out to viewers.

Recent Endeavors and Other Projects

Since joining QVC in the late 1990s, Jayne has remained with the company thanks to her love for her job and due to the convenience the job brings as it is very close to her hometown. She is now one of the most experienced hosts of the show, and so also spends time training new QVC presenters, setting up the next generation of people who will possibly follow in her footsteps.


She maintains her role as one of the network’s main hosts, although back in 2005, a lot of people started noticing how she looked to have lost a significant amount of weight, and became concerned thatshe might have been struggling through a disease. Eventually, she opened up about the weight loss, stating that she took up tennis to help with her fitness, and plans to maintain the sport to help her shed pounds. She mentioned that after starting tennis, she fell in love with the sport and plays alongside her family. Viewers were relieved as many of those who watch her programs are also big followers of her personal life.

Personal Life and Social Media

For her personal life, it is known that Jayne has been married to James Brown since 1988 – they recently celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary. They live together in New York alongside their two daughters, who have graduated from college and are now working on their respective careers. Her family are all active members of their local church, and she is also close with her mother in law. Aside from tennis, she often spends her free time as a cook, and posts her recipes on the QVC website through her personal blog page.

She mentions that she is very passionate about shopping. She is very fond of dogs as many have noticed in her online accounts, She does a lot of drawing and painting during her free time.

Similar to numerous television hosts, she is active online through accounts on social media. She has a Facebook account which she uses to promote her work on QVC. She also had a Twitter account which promoted her love for cooking, and often posted photos to accompany her blog post on the QVC website. However, she stopped posting in 2015, and has been inactive since.

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